"I want to revolutionize the space for hybridized Desi’s, being able to enjoy parts of our cultures but also be these bad ass female leaders living in the 21st century. The concept of  “Chithii’s” and the Urappu chithii brand is based on empowering women to break barriers within their own cultures, live life freely and unapologetically-

On. Their. Own. Terms. I am still a work in progress but  the first step in getting there is always-self work, and  finally THE “awakening,” where we realize our potential and are embodying this courage and this FIRE to keep going TO LIVE, FIGHT, AND CONQUER.  Which is what the first season of the line will represent and promote. Each piece goes home with a message from Urappu Chithii in regards to that particular merch piece’s significance. 



  Urappu Chithii