Cocktail Hour Sukajan Jacket


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Keeping with the rich history of Sukajan Jackets, our 'Cocktail Hour' piece is both eye-candy and a statement. 

Pre-order Bonus! Custom laser cut 'Hostess' silhouette match sticks in classic match box (9 per box)!  

What's on the Outside


The jacket is made from a robust green synthetic satin which will stand up to the rigors of evening wear.  Embellished with a gold zipper and zip pull. 


The back piece is a richly embroidered Molotov cocktail draped in the 'Who Needs Guns' banner.  The bottle itself is modelled after the rare and history rich Weller's Antique 107 Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Embroidered element details are yours to discover and decipher.  The golds, maroons, and cognacs in the piece are embroidered with premium thread that give the artwork a surreal iridescent luminescence in evening light and indoor venues.    

What's on the Inside

The inside features a printed lining that features our 'Hostess' in a repeated pattern.    Option to upgrade to silk lining is also available.


Our "Who Needs Guns" series of jackets highlight the steely resolve of those who take on championing institutional change.  The culture war is fought on many fronts; this piece is meant as a metaphorical representation of the everlasting offensive.